Build complete, now I just need to "install" it...

axl andreas.axelsson at
Sun Mar 30 17:04:10 CEST 2008


I'm going to be adding some features for a python-project with
external modules written in C. However, if I build modules with my
MSVS 2008 compiler (from the Windows SDK), they won't load in Python
2.5.2, which is built with MSVS 2003.

Since I don't have access to MSVS 2003 I need to rebuild Python using
MSVS 2008 in order for the binaries to go along.

For starters, I cloned the PCbuild8 folder and made whatever changes
needed to be able to build the core and executable. I then pulled down
all the various external dependencies and made the same adjustments to
those. After quite a while I've managed to build everything apart from
the PGO config, since it requires a DLL which isn't included in the
SDK. Not to worry, I can live with a less than 100% optimized version
for now.

But, my problem is that the install scripts, i.e. "python
install" wants to go through the build steps again, but since those
don't work on Windows, or at least not with my setup, I can't put
together a complete package.

The web pages have gotten me this far, but there doesn't seem to be
anything on how to actually pull together the various bits and bobs
into a complete package that I can use in place of my current Python
2.5.2 installation. Apparently someone has done it, since there is an
installer to download, but those parts don't seem to be available
anywhere. And it's unclear if the Windows installer contains exactly
what's in the source package, or if I have to build a bunch of other
modules as well in order to be completely replacing my old

Actually, I don't need an installer, I just want to know which parts
of my 2.5.2 folder that need to go where.

Grateful for any help,

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