[Python-Dev] [ANN] Python 2.3.7 and 2.4.5, release candidate 1

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Mar 3 07:48:28 CET 2008

>> But it would be really nice if the configure fix for 2.5 was 
>> backported to 2.4.5 since Zope is still on 2.4 and Mac OS X skipped 
>> system builds for 2.4 going direct from 2.3 -> 2.5.
> Yes, it would be very nice if this worked out of the box on Mac OS X 
> 10.5.2.  It's definitely a surprise for those of us who built our 2.4.4 
> on Mac OS X 10.4.x.

I can put a notice in the release notes, but I definitely won't change
it to work out of the box. If 2.4.4 compiled out of the box on this box,
it would have been a regression and would have to be fixed. IIUC, 2.4.4
won't compile on 10.5, either, and Python 2.4.5 will have no code to
port it to new platforms.


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