Beginner's assignment question

Colin J. Williams fn681 at
Sat Mar 1 16:46:45 CET 2008

Schizoid Man wrote:
> As in variable assignment, not homework assignment! :)
> I understand the first line but not the second of the following code:
> a, b = 0, 1
> a, b = b, a + b
> In the first line a is assigned 0 and b is assigned 1 simultaneously.
> However what is the sequence of operation in the second statement? I;m 
> confused due to the inter-dependence of the variables.
In the second line a now points to the 
value 1 and b points to 1 (the sum of 
zero and one) in a unitary operation 
(i.e. in turn, but effectively 

You might disassemble the code to see 
the sequence.

Colin W.

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