Stef Mientki S.Mientki-nospam at mailbox.kun.nl
Thu Mar 20 17:21:34 CET 2008

sturlamolden wrote:
> I just discovered wxFormBuilder. After having tried several GUI
> builders for wx (including DialogBlocks, wxGlade, XRCed, Boa
> constructor), this is the first one I can actually use.
> To use it wxFormBuilder with wxPython, I generated an xrc resource and
> loaded it with wxPython. All the tedious GUI coding is gone :-)
> http://wxformbuilder.org/
> http://wiki.wxpython.org/index.cgi/XRCTutorial

I've tried several of the above mentioned builders,
with the same result.
I've also looked at wxFormBuilder,
but I found it far too difficult and
fully unreadable (how can you create actions/bindings on components you don't see ?).
So I might be very very naive,
but why all so complex ??

I wrote a few lines of code,
and now all my form designs look as simple as this:

     GUI = """
     self.Splitter_Plots    ,SplitterVer
       self.Panel           ,PanelVer, 010
         self.Panel_Top     ,PanelHor, 11
           Label_Top        ,wx.StaticText
         self.Scope_Canvas  ,PlotCanvas         ,self, Real_Time
         self.Panel_Bottom  ,PanelHor
           Label_Bottom     ,wx.StaticText
       self.Scope_History   ,PlotCanvas_History ,self, Real_Time
     exec ( Create_GUI ( GUI, 'Plots_Dock' ) )


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