string / split method on ASCII code?

Tim Chase python.list at
Wed Mar 12 21:55:56 CET 2008

> I have these annoying textilfes that are delimited by the ASCII char for <<
> (only its a single character) and >> (again a single character)
> Their codes are 174 and 175, respectively.
> My datafiles are in the moronic form
> X<<Y>>Z
> I need to split on those freaking characters.  Any tips on how to make split
> work with these things?

If it were a single character, you could just use


However, since you need to split on multiple characters, you can use

   import re
   splitter_re = re.compile(chr(174) + '|' + chr(175))
   for line in file(FILENAME):
     parts = splitter_re.split(line)

and then go find a large blunt object with which to bludgeon the 
creator of the file... :)

They aren't exactly ascii characters (0-127), but the above 
should at least do the trick.


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