what does ^ do in python

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> En Wed, 26 Mar 2008 15:04:44 -0300, David Anderson <zerty.david at gmail.com>
> escribió:
> > HOw can we use express pointers as in C or python?
>   File "english.py", line 345, in parse_sentence
>     raise ParserError, "can't parse %r" % sentence
> ParserError: can't parse 'HOw can we use express pointers as in C or
> python?'
>>>string = "How can we use express pointers as in C or python?"
>>>import advancedParser

LogicError: indication that we are not outside of python, recursive
self-definition requested.
(segmentation fault)

all sarcasm aside

if you actually meant to ask how to pass by value or pass by reference in
Python, then the simple answer is don't worry about it, Python handle's
things in a natural and intuitive way.

If you have a specific question regarding python's handling of this concept,
ask it, as some instances can be confusing and have gotchyas.
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