pythonweb and Leopard

brianrpsgt1 brianlong at
Mon Mar 24 16:34:15 CET 2008

I am trying to create a simple web application that is written in
python, using apache and mysql.  It appears as though the python web
modules have been installed, however, whenever I try to run a python
script, it only displays the code in the browser.  It is like the
python code is not getting processed.  I have tried this on a iMac
(Intel) and a PowerBook G4, both running Leopard.

Python Web Modules 0.5.3
Apache 2.2
Python 2.5

I am trying to run the python script from the default web directory on
the Mac, /Library/WebServer/Documents
I updated the httpd.conf for the <Directory> to say Options +ExecCGI
and AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .py

I know that I am missing something simple.

Any help would be great


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