Do any of you recommend Python as a first programming language?

Berco Beute cyberco at
Sun Mar 23 09:20:50 CET 2008

On Mar 22, 5:40 pm, jmDesktop <needin4mat... at> wrote:
> For students 9th - 12th grade, with at least Algebra I.  Do you think
> Python is a good first programming language for someone with zero
> programming experience?  Using Linux and Python for first exposure to
> programming languages and principles.
> Thank you.

Yes. The nice thing with Python is that you can start off with really
simple examples and slowly build up the complexity along with the
understanding of the students. There's no need to explain OO before
the students can write their first 'Hello, world'.

There's almost no limit to how 'shallow/deep' you can go with Python.


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