Build complete, now I just need to "install" it...

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Mon Mar 31 00:32:39 CEST 2008

En Sun, 30 Mar 2008 12:04:10 -0300, axl <andreas.axelsson at>  

> I'm going to be adding some features for a python-project with
> external modules written in C. However, if I build modules with my
> MSVS 2008 compiler (from the Windows SDK), they won't load in Python
> 2.5.2, which is built with MSVS 2003.
> Since I don't have access to MSVS 2003 I need to rebuild Python using
> MSVS 2008 in order for the binaries to go along.
> For starters, I cloned the PCbuild8 folder and made whatever changes
> needed to be able to build the core and executable. I then pulled down
> all the various external dependencies and made the same adjustments to
> those. After quite a while I've managed to build everything apart from

Which changes are those? I can build Python straight from the svn sources.

> But, my problem is that the install scripts, i.e. "python
> install" wants to go through the build steps again, but since those
> don't work on Windows, or at least not with my setup, I can't put
> together a complete package.

The MSI package generation is at Tools\msi in the source tree.
There are a few preliminary steps that must be done (only once) before  
successfully building the installer, you'll notice as you go (the script  
will tell you what's missing; a .rc file has to be compiled, as far as I  
remember). Would be nice if you take note of them so one can write down  
the proper build sequence.

Gabriel Genellina

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