Python an Exchange Server

Tim Chase python.list at
Tue Mar 4 20:38:05 CET 2008

> Hi friends.  Someone know how to work with python and exchange
> server?.

I've used both imaplib[1] and smtplib[2] (in the standard 
library) for talking successfully with an Exchange server.  I 
don't do much with POP3, but there's also a poplib module[3] in 
the standard library.  I just wrote some imaplib code this 
morning to work with an existing Exchange mailbox and some 
smtplib code last week for sending email through an Exchange box.

Exchange offers other proprietary functionality, exposed through 
the MAPI.  You might be able to use some of the Win32 
functionality in one of the add-on modules for talking with COM 



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