Pycon disappointment

Jonathan Ellis jbellis at
Mon Mar 17 12:44:34 CET 2008

On Mar 16, 10:20 am, Barry Hawkins <ba... at> wrote:
> I shared the same perception as Bruce; most "keynotes"
> and lightning talks were anemic vendor pitches that really gutted the
> spirit of what I experienced last year.  

I don't think you can lump the keynotes in with the lightning talks.
I had to go check the schedule to see which keynotes were "diamond"
ones.  I wasn't thinking to myself, "oh, this must be a paid keynote"
at the time at all.  In fact, the Google one was the most entertaining
of all, judging by audience reaction.

But the vast majority of the vendor lightning talks were a waste of
time, I agree.


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