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> When you make a Web page available offline, you
> can read its content when your computer is not
> connected to the Internet. For example, you can
>  view Web pages on your laptop computer when you
>  don't have a network or Internet connection. Or
> you can read Web pages at home without tying up
> a phone line.
> You can specify how much content you want available,
> such as just a page, or a page and all its links, and
>  choose how you want to update that content on your computer.
> If you just want to view a Web page offline, and you don't
>  need to update the content, you can save the page on your
> computer. There are several ways you can save the Web page,
>  from just saving the text to saving all of the images and
> text needed to display that page as it appears on the Web.
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Can't bring up your link..
 http:\\my profile6529.blogspot.com

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