any chance regular expressions are cached?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Mon Mar 10 03:14:26 CET 2008

<mh at> wrote in message 
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| I've got a bit of code in a function like this:
|    s=re.sub(r'\n','\n'+spaces,s)
|    s=re.sub(r'^',spaces,s)
|    s=re.sub(r' *\n','\n',s)
|    s=re.sub(r' *$','',s)
|    s=re.sub(r'\n*$','',s)
| Is there any chance that these will be cached somewhere, and save
| me the trouble of having to declare some global re's if I don't
| want to have them recompiled on each function invocation?

The last time I looked, several versions ago, re did cache.
Don't know if still true.  Not part of spec, I don't think.


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