Pycon disappointment

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Sun Mar 16 22:11:06 CET 2008

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 Bruce Eckel <lists.eckel at> wrote:

> If the following seems unnecessarily harsh, it was even more harsh for

As a relative noob to the Python world, (and lurker to the list :) ) I 
can't speak to differences from previous years. However, my impressions 
as a first-timer are much in alignment with you Bruce. Many lightening 
talk seemed to me to be more about recruiting than selling though. 

Whereas I might have been discovering a vendor for the first time in a 
lightening talk, it wasn't a particularly good use of my time here. I'll 
FIND the commercial vendor, because, if they have a good product, word 
will get around, aided by their web presence, and formidable advertising 

On the other hand, bleeding edge use of Python in a lab on a distant 
continent (just for example) is going to be much harder to both 
discover, much less get the added bonus of face-to-face time with the 

That said, I thank the organizers, and welcome the new friendships made 
at this event, and hope like hell I can come next year!!


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