PyCon Feedback and Volunteers (Re: Pycon disappointment)

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Mar 17 11:58:51 CET 2008

On 17 Mar, 02:39, "BJörn Lindqvist" <bjou... at> wrote:
> I haven't been to EuroPython even when it has been fairly nearby
> because the entrance fee was to high. But how do you help change
> something like that?

You could join in and make your case. There was a more protracted
discussion than usual last year about fees because some people pointed
out the discrepancy between salary and price levels in different parts
of Europe and the need to make the conference more affordable: what
may be relatively inexpensive for some might be relatively expensive
for others, and the organisers felt that it would be foolish to
exclude the latter group, particularly when they may be more likely to
travel to the conference in its present location.

It's hard to say whether the conference is reaching everyone it
should, given the composition of attendees:

But without anyone to pursue a particular cause, and with decisions
needing to be made within certain timeframes (which is often a
struggle, anyway), things often get preserved as they are rather than
being improved. I live in a European country which is either number
one or two on the price scale (depending on whether you include
alcohol prices or not), and I can't say what the right fee level
should be (other than "possibly lower than it is") - it's up to others
to weigh in and give their opinion, I think.


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