Can I run a python program from within emacs?

Paulo da Costa pmc411-usenet at
Thu Mar 20 16:51:45 CET 2008

Jeff Schwab wrote:
> jmDesktop wrote:
>> On Mar 20, 11:21 am, Grant Edwards <gra... at> wrote:
>>> On 2008-03-20, jmDesktop <needin4mat... at> wrote:
>>>> Hi, I'm trying to learn Python.  I using Aquamac an emac
>>>> implementation with mac os x.  I have a program.  If I go to the
>>>> command prompt and type pythong, it works.  Can the program
>>>> be run from within the editor or is that not how development is done?
>>>> I ask because I was using Visual Studio with C# and, if you're
>>>> familiar, you just hit run and it works.  On Python do I use the
>>>> editor for editing only and then run the program from the command
>>>> line?
> Sort of.  Modern editors generally have support for building and running 
> your program directly from a toolbar button or textual command.  I 
> personally use Vim with the toolbar disabled, running in a Terminal, and 
> run the program by first putting Vim in the background (^z).

Modern editors like GNU Emacs show you a Python tab when you're editing 
a Python file that allows you to do various things with the code, just 
like Visual Studio, I don't know about "Aquamacs".

> I believe Grant was suggesting that Emacs often serves a similar purpose 
> on Unix to what Visual Studio does on Windows, which seemed to be what 
> you were asking.  When asking about Mac OS X here, you are likely to get 
> a lot of generic Unix responses.  (Would it have been clearer if he had 
> just said "emacs?")

There are several flavors, it's best to specify which one you mean. 
People who say Emacs often mean GNU Emacs.


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