Dispatch("Excel.Application") failed

Ryan Ginstrom software at ginstrom.com
Fri Mar 14 00:21:41 CET 2008

> On Behalf Of John Machin
> > '\xce\xde\xd0\xa7\xb5\xc4\xc0\xe0\xb1\xf0\xd7\xd6\xb7\xfb\xb4\xae',
> > None, None)
> Googling for 2147221005 gives some clues.
> That string of hex stuff appears where an error message is 
> expected -- it's not utf8, and makes no sense when I attempt 
> to decode it with cp1250 to cp1258 inclusive. If you start 
> IDLE and type:

The hex stuff is Chinese. It appears to be a standard Windows error message.
无效的类别字符串 (Which I believe meaans "invalid class string")

I wrote in another post (that doesn't appear to have made it to the list)
that the call to Dispatch on Excel will fail if the formula bar edit box is
active. Just another idea.

Ryan Ginstrom

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