finding euclidean distance,better code?

castironpi at castironpi at
Fri Mar 28 20:20:22 CET 2008

On Mar 28, 10:15 am, harryos <oswald.ha... at> wrote:
> > The code is pretty legible as it is now. Anyway, using min() and a
> > generator:
> hi
> is this calculated distance really Euclidean distance? When i checked
> wikipedia
> it shows a calculation involving sum of squares of the differences of
> elements.Here in this code ,the sum of coordinates are used? is that a
> different measure?

I want the angle into an array.  > < sign bit on distance to [zero
element/kernel].  Are you coming out in uni-pole and/or lensed/focused/
parabolaed?  Is that a yes-or-no question?

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