Pycon disappointment

Jacob Kaplan-Moss jacob.kaplanmoss at
Tue Mar 18 00:22:50 CET 2008

On Mar 17, 2:52 pm, Dianne Marsh <dmm... at> wrote:
> I'm bummed about the lightning talks at PyCon from 2008, but I have a
> lot of confidence based on what I have read here from Jacob and
> others, that things will be different in 2009.

They will! This year's lightning talks[*] were disappointing because
nobody really thought through how having so many more sponsors changed
the dynamic. Now we know, and we'll fix it.


[*] Personally, I thought the Sunday talks -- which featured no
sponsors -- were quite good. I think attendance was spotty because it
was the last day, and because Saturday's talks were so painful.

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