How to send a var to stdin of an external software

Benjamin Watine watine at
Fri Mar 14 12:37:50 CET 2008

Bryan Olson a écrit :
> I wrote:
>> [...] Pipe loops are tricky business.
>> Popular solutions are to make either the input or output stream
>> a disk file, or to create another thread (or process) to be an
>> active reader or writer.
> Or asynchronous I/O. On Unix-like systems, you can select() on
> the underlying file descriptors. (MS-Windows async mechanisms are
> not as well exposed by the Python standard library.)

Hi Bryan

Thank you so much for your advice. You're right, I just made a test with 
a 10 MB input stream, and it hangs exactly like you said (on 

I don't want to use disk files. In reality, this script was previously 
done in bash using disk files, but I had problems with that solution 
(the files wasn't always cleared, and sometimes, I've found a part of 
previous input at the end of the next input.)

That's why I want to use python, just to not use disk files.

Could you give me more information / examples about the two solutions 
you've proposed (thread or asynchronous I/O) ?

Thank you !


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