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Reedick, Andrew jr9445 at ATT.COM
Mon Mar 24 17:20:09 CET 2008

Robert Rawlins wrote:
> I have little to no experiance with element tree and I'm struggling to 
> find a way to parse the details from the XML document (attached) into 
> my application. Essentialy I'm looking to take the following document 
> and turn it into a dict of tuples, each dict element defines a 
> datasource with the key to the element being the 'name' which is 
> defined in the XML and then the value of the pair is a tuple which 
> contains the details of the datasource, like the host and port etc.

Here's another way to walk an ElementTree.  This one creates a hash of hashes which are normally more useful than tuples for property lookups.

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

tree = ET.ElementTree(file = "foo.xml")
d = {}
for ds in tree.findall("datasource"):

	name = ds.find('name').text
	d[name] = {}
	print 'datasource =', name

	for i in ds.findall('*'):
	#for i in ds.getiterator():  # also works

		if i.tag in ('datasource', 'name'):

		print '    ',i.tag, "=", i.text
		d[name][i.tag] = i.text


print d


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