cx_Oracle execute procedure

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Wed Mar 19 16:35:14 CET 2008

Thanks Jerry and Diez. The first two replies I found answered my noob 

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> On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 11:03 AM, Poppy <znfmail-pythonlang at> 
> wrote:
>> I've been working on the code below and and executes silently, no
>>  complaints, however the end result should be a record in my table and 
>> it's
>>  not added. The procedure works with the passed credentials using SQLPlus 
>> or
>>  SQL Developer clients. However I'm not sure if I'm constructing my 
>> python
>>  code correctly to interact with Oracle.
> ...
>>  connection.commit
>>  cur.close
>>  connection.close
> You have to actually call these methods:
> connection.commit()
> cur.close()
> connection.close()
> Without the parentheses, you're just getting a reference to the
> methods and immediately discarding them.
> -- 
> Jerry 

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