Improving datetime

Mike Driscoll kyosohma at
Wed Mar 19 15:57:34 CET 2008

On Mar 19, 9:12 am, "Nicholas F. Fabry" <nick.fa... at>
> This is a query for information as to how to proceed.  I am not a
> professional programmer, but I use Python a great deal to help me in
> my main job, which involves designing schedules for a global airline.
> As such, I use datetime (and dateutil) extensively, and after much
> use, I have come to some conclusions about their utility, and how to
> improve them.  Some of these changes are quite minor and would result
> in a large increase in utility (low hanging fruit), while some changes
> are major, and would result in less obvious benefits - but these
> changes would increase the 'Python Zen' of them.
> So - where should I propose these changes?  Here?  python-dev?  Should
> I write up a full PEP or should I just give a more informal outline
> with code samples?  I would volunteer to help maintain/improve
> datetime, but I don't speak C at all, unfortunately, and datetime
> appears to be in C.
> In addition, I have little contact with the Python community - I work
> somewhat 'solo' when it comes to my programming projects.  So, are
> there other people out there who use datetime?  Dateutil?  What do you
> find the deficits/benefits of these modules to be?
> Thank you for your thoughts....
> Nick Fabry

I think you need to do this sort of thing on python-dev. I'm not sure
how the PEP process works though. If you give your thoughts in a PEP-
like format, you'd probably be taken more seriously though.


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