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Paul Scott pscott at
Mon Mar 31 13:13:37 CEST 2008

On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 04:02 -0700, Graham Ashton wrote:
> pyGTK is great. I used it quite heavily a year or so ago. GTK is a
> nice tool kit from the user's perspective too; you can make some
> rather attractive and usable applications with it, and the GUI builder
> is a boon. Obviously it integrates slightly better into it's native
> platform than it does Mac/Windows, but if you're targetting Ubuntu
> users then it's a great choice.

OK, this is almost exactly what I needed. All that I really want to know
is can I do this in a really easy, comfortable tool like GTK and get
away with it without someone 3 months down the line saying something
like: "Dude, what were you *thinking* using deprecated stuff like that?"

Sorry, but I had to ask, and I am sure that I will ask a lot more
questions as things move along. 

I really appreciate all the feedback so far! It is often quite difficult
sifting through all the years worth of blogs, docs and other resources
when starting on something new like this, so bear with me, and I will
try and make a more meaningful contribution back to Python as soon as I


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