About reading Python code

Roman Dodin roman.dodin at softjoys.com
Mon Mar 17 11:12:13 CET 2008

WaterWalk пишет:
> Hello. I wonder what's the effective way of figuring out how a piece
> of python code works. With C I often find it very useful to be able to
> run the code in step mode and set breakpoints in a debugger so I can
> watch how the it executes, how the data change and how the code jumps
> from one function to another. But with Python, the debugger is a
> little primitive. The default IDLE doesn't even allow me to set a
> breakpoint. When the code is long, I am often lost in it.
> So I'm curious how to read code effectively. I agree that python code
> is clear, but when it becomes long, reading it can still be a hard
> work.

You also can use free IDE (for example Eclipse) and PyDev plugin, which 
includes comfortable Debugger

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