need a function to create eigenface image

royG roygeorget at
Wed Mar 19 07:14:40 CET 2008

while trying to make an eigenface image from a numpy array of floats i
tried this

from numpy import array
import Image

def makeimage(inputarray,imagename):
      inputarray.shape=(-1,)'L', imagesize)

since i am using images of 200X200 size,
i use an array with 40000 elements  like
[ -92.35294118  -81.88235294  -67.58823529 ...,   -3.47058824
   -13.23529412   -9.76470588]
the problem is ,i get an image that is too looks like a face
but is too dark that even different arrays will create images rhat all
look alike!..
is there a way to 'tone it down' so that i can generate an eigenface
that can be displayed better?


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