SV: Regarding coding style

Grant Edwards grante at
Sun Mar 9 06:23:27 CET 2008

On 2008-03-09, K Viltersten <tmp1 at> wrote:
>>> /** Projects an object from 3D to 2D using
>>>     the method of Alexander The Great.
>>>     \param 3D structure to be projected
>>>     \returns 2D projection
>>> */
>>> public Proj2D get2Dfrom3D(Proj3D param);
>>> The above is, to me, very clear and
>>> consistent. Not to mention, easily
>>> handled with e.g. Doxygen to create a
>>> readable documentation.
>>> I don't see how this is dislikeable. Please
>>> explain.
>> When get2Dfrom3D changes its signature but 
>> the comment is not changed. That's where I 
>> have a problem, and it's only a matter of
>> time before it happens.
> I think we've arrived at the spot where i'll
> claim that a _always_ update my comments,

Perhaps you do.  AFAICT, nobody else does. :)

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