Any fancy grep utility replacements out there?

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Tue Mar 18 23:16:30 CET 2008

samslists at wrote:
> So I need to recursively grep a bunch of gzipped files.  This can't be
> easily done with grep, rgrep or zgrep.  (I'm sure given the right
> pipeline including using the find command it could be done....but
> seems like a hassle).
> So I figured I'd find a fancy next generation grep tool.  Thirty
> minutes of searching later I find a bunch in Perl, and even one in
> Ruby.  But I can't find anything that interesting or up to date for
> Python.  Does anyone know of something?

I have a grep-like utility I call "grin". I wrote it mostly to recursively grep 
SVN source trees while ignoring the garbage under the .svn/ directories and more 
or less do exactly what I need most frequently without configuration. It could 
easily be extended to open gzip files with GzipFile.

Let me know if you have any requests.

Robert Kern

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