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Christophe Combelles ccomb at
Mon Mar 24 02:40:16 CET 2008

PyCon FR will take place in Paris, France, 17-18 May 2008.
The French Python Association (AFPY) is organizing this event called "Journées
Python" for the second time.

We expect most talks to be in french, but any proposal in english is also 
greatly welcome! You may submit your idea of talks and presentations now,
either here if you speak french: ,
or here if you don't : pycon -at-


We're expecting talks about anything related to the Python programming
language, including:

     * the language and its libraries
     * the web technologies
     * Python in scientific computing
     * game programming
     * development environnement setup
     * agile programmnig and tests

The expected audience will span on any level, from the beginner to the
expert. Thus, your talk may fit even to beginners and will be welcome.

Other formats:

As well as regular talks, we will host tutorials about Python
programming for beginners, and we may include 15-minutes lightning
talks on any topic you want to talk about (e.g.: a project you're
working on).

You may submit debate topics for open discussions too.

Important dates:

     * March, 7th : Call for papers
     * March, 30th : Paper submissions are closed
     * April 4th : Final schedule publication

How to get involved?

If you want to attend as a simple visitor, please register on this
page to help us count the expected audience:


To submit a talk, tutorial, etc., please register with the link above,
and fill the following form:


For any information about the event, go to:


get in touch with the organization team via: pycon -at-

See you soon!

--'AFPy Team.

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