py2exe socket.gaierror (10093)

Knut knut.urbye at
Thu Mar 27 09:50:13 CET 2008

On 26 Mar, 23:08, Thomas Heller <thel... at> wrote:
> Knut schrieb:
> >> The script can't resolve the server name. Try to do it by hand using
> >> nslookup or even ping (you may want to add a few print statements inside
> >> the script to see the exact host name it is trying to connect to, in case
> >> it isn't what you expect)
> >> If you can't resolve the host name using nslookup, there is a network
> >> problem, not in your script. If you can resolve it, try your script
> >> without py2exe if possible.
> >> --
> >> Gabriel Genellina
> > Thank you for the quick reply Gabriel.
> > I have made sure the script works fine before I exe it.
> > It is when I compile the program I get this error.
> > I don't get how the compile changes server availability.
> Could it be a firewall issue?
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the tip!

Disabled the firewall to check if this could be the problem, but no
help there either..

The mail server is on the local network, but I have also tried
connecting to internal sockets to another program I have which sniffs
a port.
This works fine, until I run it as an exe..

My quest continues..

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