pySQLite Insert speed

mdboldin at mdboldin at
Sat Mar 1 16:00:17 CET 2008

Steve, I want to make sure I understand. My test code is below, where
ph serves as a placeholder. I am preparing for a case where the number
of ? will be driven by the length of the insert record (dx)

dtable= 'DTABLE3'
print 'Insert data into table  %s,  version #3' % dtable
ph= '?, ?, ?, ?'
sqlx= 'INSERT INTO %s VALUES ( %s ) ' % (dtable,ph)
for dx in d1:
print (time.time()-t0a)
print curs1.lastrowid

I think you are saying that sqlx is re-evaluated in each loop, i.e.
not the same as pure hard coding of
sqlx= 'INSERT INTO DTABLE3 VALUES ( ?, ?, ?, ? ) '
Is that right?  Hence (if I understand python convention), this can be
solved by adding
sqlx= copy.copy(sqlx)
before the looping. And in tests adding this step saved about 5-10% in

And yes, I can see why (B) is always better from a security
standpoint.  The python solutions for problems such as there are a
great help for people like me, in the sense that the most secure way
does not have a speed penalty (and in this case is 3-4x faster).

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