Removal of tkinter from python 3.0? [was: Fate of the repr module inPy3.0]

Ron Provost ron.longo at
Thu Mar 20 21:15:47 CET 2008

I would really hate to see Tkinter removed from 3.0.  Because it's part of 
the distribution and extremely easy to create simple GUIs I use it all the 
time.  Isn't Python supposed to be a "Batteries Included" language?  Can 
that be said anymore without a GUI library?  And do we want to drop Tkinter 
only now, when tk seems to finally be getting renewed attention after years 
of neglect?

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Subject: Removal of tkinter from python 3.0? [was: Fate of the repr module 

>> Was looking at PEP 3108, ,
>> and saw that the repr module was slated for vaporization. I've only
>> used the module a few times ever. I'm curious if the community wants
>> it kept around or whether it is considered clutter.
>> The PEP is going to be finalized soon, so if you have issues with it,
>> they should be sent to the PEP author or brought up on the list,
>> .
> Is it just me or others also think that it would be a major loss to
> remove tkinter from the python core? PEP 3108 starts off with:
> Each module to be removed needs to have a justification as to why it
> should no longer be distributed with Python.
> then goes on with,
> With so many other GUI options out there that are considered better
> than Tkinter, it might be best to remove Tkinter from the stdlib and
> make it an externally maintained package.
> I don't get it. There are many [insert your favorite software
> component] options outside of the python core that are considered
> better than the one coming with python, yet they don't get removed.
> All network servers for example could be thrown out because twisted is
> considered better. This just doesn't make sense to me. Tkinter is
> great for its purpose, typical use cases are creating a simple GUI
> composed of a couple of components only. You can nicely do this with
> tkinter and the large user base shows that it's a real need real
> people have. Sure, for fancy GUI stuff there are better options but
> for quick and simple things tkinter is just great. And last time I
> checked python comes with batteries included so why sould I need to
> search and download a third party package for such a common use case?
> Thoughts anyone?
> Cheers,
> Daniel
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