Question on importing and function defs

Gary Herron gherron at
Sun Mar 2 17:37:11 CET 2008

TC wrote:
> I have a problem.  Here's a simplified version of what I'm doing:
> I have functions a() and b() in a module called 'mod'.  b() calls a().
> So now, I have this program:
> from mod import *
> def a():
>     blahblah
> b()
> The problem being, b() is calling the a() that's in mod, not the new
> a() that I want to replace it.  (Both a()'s have identical function
> headers, in case that matters.)  How can I fix this?
> Thanks for any help.

Since b calls mod.a, you could replace mod.a with your new a.  Like 
this:  (Warning, this could be considered bad style because it will 
confuse anyone who examines the mod module in an attempt to understand 
you code.)

  import mod

  def replacement_a():

  mod.a = replacement_a


Or another option.  Define b to take, as a parameter, the "a" function 
to call.

In mod:

  def a():

  def b(fn=a):  # to set the default a to call

And you main program:

  from mod import *

  def my_a():


Hope that helps

Gary Herron

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