SV: Where's GUI for Python?

Ricardo Aráoz ricaraoz at
Sun Mar 2 03:17:45 CET 2008

K Viltersten wrote:
>>>    import tkininter
>> When that fails, try without the stutter <G>
>> import tkinter
> I must be doing something wrong because
> neither tkinter nor tkininter works.
> I tried both with and without stuttering.
> I even asked my wife to stutter some but,
> sadly, to no avail.
> When Tim Chase mentioned "battery-installed", 
> i interpreted it as "all is there". It seems 
> that either
> a) not all the batteries are installed in my
> version (v2.5.2)
> or
> b) some setup/linkage needs to be performed
> in order to get the GUI running.
> The error itself is:
> ImportError: No module named tkinter
> Suggestions?

import Tkinter

(first letter is uppercase)

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