Can I run a python program from within emacs?

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Wed Mar 26 04:19:06 CET 2008

I use a .emacs file (attached) that some associates gave me nearly 20 years ago.  Some of it is OBE now, but it still works for me on both windows and Linux.  With this file I can cntrl-c cntrl-c  (i.e. ^c twice to run the current buffer).  Don't ask me to explain it, it just works.

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> Grant Edwards wrote:
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> >> Hi, I'm trying to learn Python.  I using Aquamac an emac
> >> implementation with mac os x.  I have a program.  If I go to the
> >> command prompt and type pythong, it works.  Can 
> the program
> >> be run from within the editor or is that not how 
> development is done?
> >> I ask because I was using Visual Studio with C# and, if you're
> >> familiar, you just hit run and it works.  On Python do I use the
> >> editor for editing only and then run the program from the command
> >> line?
> > 
> >
> Or achieve a similar (more flexible (IMO), but less smoothly 
> integrated) 
> effect with Vim and GNU Screen.  Until recently, you had to 
> patch Screen 
> if you wanted vertical splits, but now it's in the main line.
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