Getting started with OS X Leopard

Mark Carter me at
Sat Mar 15 20:31:03 CET 2008

has wrote:
> On 15 Mar, 18:05, Mark Carter <m... at> wrote:
>> The sorts of things I want to do are:
>> * copy the directory of Finder to the clipboard
>> * add a new file to Finder's directory.
>> * find out the size of a directory
>> * open a file with Aquamacs, regardless of file type,
> If you want to control desktop applications directly, that generally
> means using Apple event IPC. The most popular language for application
> scripting is traditionally AppleScript, but Apple event bridges exist
> for other languages as well. The best of these is appscript; see my
> sig for links. Some Finder scripting examples:
> #!/usr/bin/python
> Control AppleScriptable applications from Python, Ruby and ObjC:

Aah! Many thanks. I see that I had to do
easy_install appscript
and ensure I use /usr/bin/python
I'm off to play with it now. Exciting stuff.

I installed the Python from MacPorts. That's not quite what I wanted, 
because they only have a version for Python 2.4. *Sigh*. MacPorts seems 
to be getting new ports all the time. The problem is, there also seems 
to be an aweful lot of ports gathering bitrot.

Am I the only one to form the opinion that OS X can sometimes appear to 
be a bit of a mish-mash?

I tried XCode the other day. Seemed a bit complicated, if you ask me. 
I've tried to like Lisp, too. In the end, Python just rocks. I started 
out with Glade a short while ago, and I'm impressed how relatively easy 
it is to create GUIs and add handlers in Python.

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