app runs fine with interpreter, but not under py2exe

Doug Morse morse at
Fri Mar 14 16:03:35 CET 2008


Well, my attempt to not use the --skip-archive option didn't get very far,
as I quickly noticed that "" does NOT contain ANY .pyd files.
I'm guessing that they can't be in for a reason (i.e., they are
DLL files, essentially, and thus must be readily available to be loaded
into memory).

Is there a work-around for this, then?  That is, is there a way to either
(a) tell py2exe how to *correctly* handle multiple multiarray.pyd and
umath.pyd files or (b) perhaps rename one set of the .pyd files -- say the
numpy/core versions -- to say multiarray2.pyd and umath2.pyd, and then
manual create the "stub"-like .pyc files that py2exe creates to point to
these alternate .pyd files and then place these stubs in  Or am I just hoping for too much here and am going
to be stuck with using the --skip-archive option?


On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 14:37:32 +0000 (UTC), Doug Morse <morse at> wrote:
>  Peter,
>  Genius!  You nailed it -- thanks!
>  py2exe is apparently getting confused by the fact that packages "Numeric"
>  ...
>  <snip>
> So, my next step will be to try to not use the --skip-archive option and
> then make these same modifications regarding multiarray.pyd and umath.pyd
> to the py2exe-generated file and see if I can get things
> running that way as well (and in so doing reduce my "dist" directory by
> about 10mg).  I may also try creating a dist/Numeric subdirectory and
> moving dist/multiarray.pyd and dist/umath.pyd to this dist/Numeric
> subdirectory -- for the goal of more accurately mirroring the actual
> file/directory structure found in $PYTHONHOME/Lib/site-packages.
> <snip>

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