hidden built-in module

koara koara at atlas.cz
Fri Mar 7 15:15:04 CET 2008

On Mar 5, 1:39 pm, gigs <g... at hi.t-com.hr> wrote:
> koara wrote:
> > Hello, is there a way to access a module that is hidden because
> > another module (of the same name) is found first?
> > More specifically, i have my own logging.py module, and inside this
> > module, depending on how initialization goes,  i may want to do 'from
> > logging import *' from the built-in logging.
> > I hope my description was clear, cheers.
> > I am using python2.4.
> you can add your own logging module in extra directory that have __init__.py and
> import it like: from extradirectory.logging import *
> and builtin: from logging import *

Thank you for your reply gigs. However, the point of this namespace
harakiri is that existing code which uses 'import logging' ...
'logging.info()'... etc. continues working without any change.
Renaming my logging.py file is not an option -- if it were, i wouldn't
bother naming my module same as a built-in :-)


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