GUI toolkits with Tkinter's .pack() alternative

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Thu Mar 27 11:37:06 CET 2008

2008/3/27, Alex9968 <noname9968 at>:
> Guilherme Polo wrote:
>  > 2008/3/26, Alex9968 <noname9968 at>:
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>  >> Hi all,
>  >>
>  >>  I use Tkinter's Pack widget geometry manager (I really prefer it over
>  >>  using visual GUI designers), so my question is which other GUI toolkits
>  >>  have similar functionality.
>  >>
>  >
>  > The geometry manager isn't related to using GUI designers tools at
>  > all. And each toolkit has it's own way to do the things, wxPython uses
>  > sizers, PyGtk uses containers.
>  >
> Well, the geometry manager isn't *directly* related to using GUI
>  designers, but as Pack arranges widgets automatically, using GUI
>  designers isn't required, while with geometry managers that don't, GUI
>  designers are necessary (if you start placing widgets programmatically,
>  you'll end up reinventing something like Tkinter's Pack or Grid geometry
>  manager). I hope I can be understood clearly this time ;-)

Not at all, can't understand your point yet. GUI designers aren't just
for placing widgets, they also will keep the interface design
separated from your code.

> >>  Secondly, I like the detailed widget borders configuration possible in
>  >>  Tkinter, which can be used to tweak GUI look, and wonder if other
>  >>  toolkits support it. With Tkinter's case, I like the resulting (tweaked)
>  >>  look in Windows, but I'm afraid it can be quite different (and ugly) on
>  >>  other platforms.
>  >>
>  >
>  > You sure can, but differently.
>  >
> I suppose any toolkit allows setting parameters like "no border", "flat
>  border" and "3d border", but which ones can set ANY type of border to
>  ANY widget like Tkinter does? For example set GROOVE border to buttons
>  and text widgets (instead of traditional wide raised/lowered borders),
>  which is cool (in my opinion).

The widgets subclass some base class, which contains some common
methods which could be the border and relief for example.
In the case of PyGtk, border
width is controlled at Container, so most widgets will have this
feature, but the relief style of the widget is not common to all
widgets so you will need to check this one (Button has it).
In wxPython, widgets will subclass Window, which has all you want and more.
But PyQt doesn't seem to care much about this, you can change the
widget to flat (if it makes sense to that widget have setFlat method)
but not much related to the borders.
You could recheck your use-cases and see if they are acceptable.

> >
>  >>  (The reason I ever consider moving from Tkinter is some inconveniences,
>  >>  involving for example window scrolling, plus its smaller amount of
>  >>  widgets compared to some other toolkits, plus its (rumored) ugly look on
>  >>  certain environments. I will not necessary change the toolkit, but I
>  >>  have to consider it)
>  >>
>  >>
>  >
>  > I'm planning to "solve" this, I'm suggesting inclusion of Ttk into
>  > Tkinter for upcoming GSoC. For now you could try using Tile extension,
>  > and update to Tk 8.5. If you don't want to use extensions, then you
>  > will have to wait or change the toolkit for now.
>  >
> Thanks. I haven't heard of Tile before, now I will keep this in mind.
>  You forgot to mention WHAT you're planning to solve ;-) , so I have to
>  add that Tile is modernization of Tk widgets (so it fixes ugly look).

WHAT I'm planning to solve, quote from my own paragraph:
"I'm planning to "solve" this, I'm suggesting inclusion of Ttk into
Tkinter for upcoming GSoC."

I would like to add the possibility to use Ttk widgets into tkinter,
providing you have Tk 8.5. It would solve the problem of "not enough
widgets" and the other one of "being ugly" mainly. Tk 8.5 also
auto-fixes some other problems, it provides smooth-scrolling for the
text widget, for example. But keep in mind that using Tk 8.5 in Python
is not yet supported (but possible).

> >
>  >>  Could anyone with experience in different toolkits help, please
>  >>
>  >>  Thanks
>  >>
>  >> --
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-- Guilherme H. Polo Goncalves

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