script won't run using cron.d or crontab

Bjorn Meyer bjorn.m.meyer at
Fri Mar 21 03:09:33 CET 2008

I appologize if this been discussed previously. If so, just point me to that

I have done a fair bit of digging, but I haven't found a description of what
to actually do.

I have a fairly lengthy script that I am able to run without any problems
from a shell. My problem is, now I am wanting to get it running using
crontab or cron.d. It seems that running it this way there is a problem with
some of the commands that I am using. For instance "commands.getoutput" or "
os.access". I am assuming that there is something missing within the
environment that cron runs that fails to allow these commands to run.
If anyone has any information that would help, it would be greatly

Have a GREAT day!!!
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