SV: Surprised by the command "del"

K Viltersten tmp1 at
Sun Mar 2 01:32:06 CET 2008

>>I'm reading the docs and at 5.2 the del
>>statement is discussed. At first, i thought
>>i've found a typo but as i tried that 
>>myself, it turns it actually does work so.
>>  a = ["alpha", "beta", "gamma"]
>>  del a[2:2]
>>  a
>>Now, i expected the result to be that the
>>"beta" element has been removed. Obviously, 
>>Python thinks otherwise. Why?!
>>I wonder why such an unintuitive effect has
>>been implemented. I'm sure it's for a very
>>good reason not clear to me due to my
>>ignorance. Alternatively - my expectations
>>are not so intuitive as i think.   :)
> I think it should say 
> del a[1:2]
> then it works

While i'm thankful for the advice, i need to
point out that the question wasn't "how to"
but "why". Anyhow, it's been explained as a
matter of definition of a "slice".

Konrad Viltersten
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