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Paddy paddy3118 at
Sun Mar 2 08:09:34 CET 2008

On Mar 2, 12:56 am, Ira Solomon <isolo... at> wrote:
> I am an experienced programmer (40 years).  I've done Algol (if you've
> heard of that you must be old too), PL/1, VB,VBA, a little C, and a
> few other odd languages (e.g. Taskmate).
> I'm interested in learning Python and have downloaded a slew of books.
> Too many.
> I'd like a recommendation as to which books are considered to be the
> cream of the crop.
> I know there are tutorials on the web, but, again, I don't know the
> quality.  I would appreciate recommendations on those as well.
> Thanks
> Ira

Hi Ira,
Get Python installed on your machine - I would suggest the latest 2.5
release then either start up idle (or pythonwin if you have that on
windows), or just type python at a command line prompt to get you to
pythons shell.

The Python shell together with the official tutorial is a great way to
learn Python.

If you start to flag, then their are a few videos of pre-teen kids
learning Python here:
If they can learn it .... ;-)

Welcome to Python, have fun!

- Paddy.

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