How to solve a three-element equation set?

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Wed Mar 19 20:43:05 CET 2008

En Wed, 19 Mar 2008 04:05:50 -0300, purple <yao1337 at> escribió:

> Could you guys do me a favor for solving a equation set?
> Z=d/4*(1-SIN(X)/X)
> X=8q/(D^2*Y)+SIN(X)
> Y=1/n*Z^(2/3)*i^(1/2)
> In this equation set, X,Y&Z are the unkown parameters, the others say,
> d, q, n&i are known. SO in python, how to program it to represent X, Y
> and Z in the form of d, q, n and i?

You want a numeric result, I presume. SciPy has several  
minimization functions.

Gabriel Genellina

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