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Michael Wieher michael.wieher at
Thu Mar 6 18:47:11 CET 2008

I normally find this kind of back & forth useless and annoying spam but the
irony is too much to avoid commenting.

(read the following, then ...)

> > > "His" posts?
> >
> > Whatever.  I'm too old to worry about searching for politically correct,
> > gender neutral pronouns.
> I'm pretty sure even the most PC people wouldn't suggest using a
> masculine pronoun for an inanimate objects.
> (Ok, some probably would.)
> Carl Banks

Mr Banks.  Technically, the sentence should be "...pronoun for inanimate
objects"  .. OR  "...pronoun for an inanimate object."

If you're going to nitpick, then at least do it right.
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