Do any of you recommend Python as a first programming language?

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Sun Mar 23 05:42:44 CET 2008

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> On Sat, 22 Mar 2008 21:11:51 -0700, sturlamolden wrote:
> > On 22 Mar, 23:42, 7stud <bbxx789_0... at> wrote:
> >> Beginning programmers in grades 9-12 are not going to understand issues
> >> like that, and it would be a mistake to try and introduce them.
> >> Beginning programmers should be concentrating their efforts on learning
> >> the syntax of a language and basic constructs like for-loops and if
> >> statements.
> > Yes. And because Python is a "scripting language"
> Python is a programming language. It can be used for scripting, but
> that's not all it can do. Describing it as a "scripting language" is like
> describing a fully-equipped professional kitchen as "a left-over warming
> room".

Sure, but then again, some are chefs, others merely
cooks and yet others just warm leftovers.

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> Steven

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