call by reference howto????

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Thu Mar 13 22:20:14 CET 2008

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| > On Thu, 28 Feb 2008 02:02:19 +0200, Tamer Higazi wrote:
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| >> Hi!
| >> Can somebody of you make me a sample how to define a function based on
| >> "call by reference" ???
| >
| > Python doesn't do call by reference. Nor does it do call by value. 
| > pay no attention to anyone who says it does.
| Whatever python has for a calling convention, it is close enough that
| naming it "call by reference" gives people a reasonable idea of what
| is going on.

But it is also different enough to mislead people.

| AFAICS people don't have a problem with understanding the calling
| convention of python. They have a problem understanding the
| assignment semantics.

The calling convention is cross-namespace assignment.  So one cannot 
understand calls without understanding assignment.


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