Types, Cython, program readability

bearophileHUGS at lycos.com bearophileHUGS at lycos.com
Sun Mar 16 16:58:58 CET 2008

Tim Golden:
> I'm not entirely sure why you think Pyrex should "contain a compiler".

I think lot of Win users (computational biologists?), even people that
know how to write good Python code, don't even know how to install a C

>I'm fairly sure it's fine with MingW<

(In the past?) I think you have to tweak it a bit.



>And although it may come as a surprise to you, Pyrex IS a compiler.<

I meant a compiler that spits out the final executable a person can
click on.

>Being written in pure Python, Pyrex is equally easy to use on Windows and Linux.<

Or maybe equally difficult :-) The computational biology students I
was with think PythonWin is "easy" enough (or take a look at the
"Processing" Java-like language user interface). Lowering entry
difficulties is positive. Can things be made simpler for newbies?


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