A question about a metacharacter

igbt lunasf at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 12:19:49 CET 2008

I am creating a simple script which is using gtk. In this script you
must enter a text, if you do not enter anything or you enter a dot,
the script will be finished. However, if you don't enter anything the
script works but if you enter a dot (.) the script does not work. I
was investigating about it and I think the problem is with the dot
character  sss == "." .  I was trying the same line with other
metacharacters like *, (, ) ...  and I found the same problem. I was
looking for an example where I could see the way I could do it without
any error but I did not find it. Could somebody tell me how can I
solve this error?

sss = entryName.get_text()      # The script gets the text
	if sss == "" or sss == ".":
		gtk.main_quit()        #The script finishes

Thanks ; -)

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