Can anyone help me?

David wizzardx at
Sun Mar 30 07:24:15 CEST 2008

>  What is the collision of spheres?  Is it the melding of a sphere of
>  influence and cosmic sphere?  What does it mean to say that such a
>  collision "doesn't work"?  The sphere is the optimal solid for storing
>  the maximum volume in the minimum area.  A sphere can retain the most
>  heat, with minimum surface area for radiation or conduction,
>  convection of course being dependent not only on surface area but also
>  ambient flow of surrounding conducting fluid if such flow is laminar
>  with respect to Reynold's magic number not to be confused with the
>  numbers of a magic square, which is a two-dimensional shape is there a
>  determination of the collision of a sphere's projection onto a plane
>  with a square on that same plane.  I've had it with these MF'in
>  squares on this MF'in plane!

When did the Time Cube guy join this list?

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