os.system with cgi

Matt Nordhoff mnordhoff at mattnordhoff.com
Tue Mar 4 01:14:22 CET 2008

G wrote:
> Hi,
>    I have the following peace of code
> def getBook(textid, path):
>     url = geturl(textid)
>     if os.path.isfile(path + textid):
>         f = open(path + textid)
>     else:
>         os.system('wget -c ' + url + ' -O ' path + textid)
>         f = open(path + textid)
>     return f
> The reason I am not using urllib is that I want to have random access
> within the downloaded file.
> When i execute the file from a regular python script I get the file
> downloaded and a handle for the file returned.
> When I execute the file from a python cgi script i get an error saying
> that the file doesn't exist. In other words the call to os.system is not
> running.
> Could someone please point out what the problem with that peace of code
> running as a cgi script.
> Best.

Ew. You could at least use subprocess and not be vulnerable to someone
passing "; rm -rf ~; echo" or something as the path.

If you need random access like that, and urllib2 can't do it, you could
use urllib2 and a StringIO or temporary file or something.

Using wget makes it much harder to handle errors.

Heck, you could just read the file into a string and use slicing, if
it's not too large...

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