SV: SV: Running under Windows (basic level)

K Viltersten tmp1 at
Sat Mar 1 14:35:38 CET 2008

>> There will be poking around with %PATH%, i can
>> tell. Never liked to do that under Windows.
> No need to do that... Create an "alias.txt" file containing: 
> python=c:\path\to\your\python.exe $*
> Execute (once, logged as administrator):
> reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor"
>   /v AutoRun /t REG_SZ /d
>   "doskey /macrofile=path\to\your\alias.txt"
> Open a new cmd console. Typing python is enough to invoke the interpreter.
> Documentation for the DOSKEY command: 
> If you don't like the above recipe, create a "python.cmd" file containing:
> @c:\path\to\your\python.exe %*
> and save it somewhere in your PATH.

It worked. Thanks!

>>> have you worked out the Tutorial?
>> Not yet. I started off using some small things.
>> I tend to learn by doing. Or rather making. A
>> lot of errors, that is.   :)
> At least overview it. Python syntax is very clear and legible, so probably 
> you can figure yourself a lot of things, but there are some important 
> topics that you have to know and are explained in the Tutorial. It isn't 
> very long.

Naa, reading tutorials is for idiots... You can
answer my questions instead. It's not like you've
got anything better to do. I bet you've read the
tutorial, haven't you?

(a period of awkward silence...)

(a short while of WTF?!)

Oh, ah! This guy was joking. Pfew...

Yes, i was definitely joking here.   :)
I do intend to go through the tutorial and i do
deeply appreciate all the help i've received/ i'll
receive. If all goes the way i hope, i'll be at a
new project soon and it's written in Python. Great
opportunity to learn it, right?

By the way - thanks!

Konrad Viltersten
sleep    - a substitute for coffee for the poor
ambition - lack of sense to be lazy

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