help on file storage for split multi part download

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>> > BUT the thing thats going in my mind is thread safety. i plan to start
>> > each part of the filedownloadin a different thread. and then when
>> > each thread had downloaded more than 100kb (or eof or boundary
>> > reached) write the buffer to the disk. can this be achieved using
>> > mutex ? i have never shared objects between threads.
>> Use a different (single) thread to write the file; the others put write
>> requests on a Queue.queue object, and the writer just gets the requests
>> and processes them.
>> > is there a way to write this without using threads at all ???
>> Using asyncore, and perhaps the Twisted framework.
> asyncore is basically a server thing right?

asyncore is usually used to build servers, because in a server you want to  
handle many requests with few resources, but you can use it to write a  
client too.
Here is an example:

How many files and how many simultaneous connections do you plan to  
handle? Using multiple threads to download and a single thread to write,  
connected thru a queue, looks like the "simplest thing that probably  
works" to me unless you have other constraints.

Gabriel Genellina

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